Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Silva The Genie, Anti-Bullying Advocate

Best-Selling Author & Guru Silva Mirzoian Introduces
Superwoman Crusader Defending Bullied YOUNG TEENS
Los Angeles, CA, February 26, 2013 -- Silva Mirzoian, best-selling author of the self-help book “Jump Start Your Life,”  launched “Silva the Genie” comic book series on February 1, 2013. “Silva the Genie” is devoted to strengthening the confidence and self-esteem of today’s youth faced with peer pressure related issues.
“Silva the Genie is the embodiment of my teachings, tailored for teen and pre-teen readers in the form of a really ‘cool’ Genie that any teen would like to have as a mentor and friend. I wish that someone had told me early on about my inner genie. It sure would have saved me and my parents a great deal of heartache,” says Mirozian.
The comic book series focuses on youth related issues in which Silva the Genie battles cruel villains antagonizing teens crushing their hopes and dreams. According to Mirzoian, it’s never too early to teach teens the fundamentals of confidence and self-esteem, so they are equipped to deal with the stresses of growing up and finding their way in today’s fast-moving world. “My goal was to write a fun and entertaining story that is full of magic and surprises, but at the same time embody some important messages for young teens,” she says.
Silva Mirzoian also plans to make appearances at schools nationwide, dressed up as Silva the Genie on a mission to promote, inspire, and empower today’s teens on topics including self-esteem, overcoming bullying, and believing in oneself. She hopes to encourage teens to become bold enough to release their “inner genie”.
The 24-page full-color comic book is illustrated by acclaimed comic artist, Bill Maus. It’s available for sale through www.silvathegenie.com ($4.99). Kindle/nook versions are also available ($2.99). The first issue concentrates on the topic of bully, but Silva the Genie will continue to address various social issues that target young teens in issues to come.

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