Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bob's New Suit LA Debut At Arena Cinema On March 22nd

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BOB'S NEW SUITStarring Hunter S. Bodine, Jenny Shimizu, Shay Astar, Hayley DuMond, Jack Larson, Suzi Bodine, 
John Bennet Perry, Robyn Peterson, Candy Clark, Blaine Gray, Charlie Babcock and Michael Silverblatt
Written/Directed by Alan Howard
Produced by Peter Jamison
Executive Produced by Hunter S. Bodine
Director of Photography by Thaddeus Wadleigh
Edited by Shawna Callahan
TRT: 97 minutes

Bob Goodlow is a landscape gardener and handyman.  His dad Buster, a patriotic ex-aerospace worker with a secret past, is now unemployed and suffering from congestive heart failure.  Bob’s sister Stephanie does the books for her girlfriend Marlena’s hair salon and holds a secret of her own, just bursting to come out.  Polly, their mother, helps with the struggling finances by selling antique dolls on Ebay and worries for everyone, as only mothers can.  When Bob proposes to his long time love, Jenny, and his “too cool” cousin, George, proposes a get-rich quick scheme, a series of events unfold which changes their lives forever.  Radical politics, gender identity, the joy of books, rare orchids, a couple of beers and one lonely Italian suit come together in this deftly interwoven story about love, family, the legacy of the 1960’s and the unexpected.  BOB'S NEW SUIT is the colorful, character-driven debut of writer/director Alan Howard.

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