Monday, February 4, 2013

Breaking Glass Pictures Announces March Release For Alan Howard's Bob's New Suit

Philadelphia, PA -Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the March 26 DVD Release of Bob's New Suit (SRP $24.99), the colorful, character-driven debut of writer/director Alan Howard. Starring Hunter S. Bodine (The Casserole Club), lesbian model/actress Jenny Shimizu (Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel", "Dante's Cove"), John Bennett Perry (Fools Rush In with son Matthew Perry, "Veronica Mars"), Charlie Babcock ("Desperate Housewives") and Shay Astar (The Lost, "3rd Rock from the Sun"), Bob's New Suit is a bright fable contemplating the legacy of the 1960's cultural wars in a contemporary working-class family facing the battle of the sexes, gender identity, radical politics, and a threatened economy.

The Goodlows are a typical American family.  Bob (Bodine) is a landscape gardener and handyman.  His dad Buster (Perry), an ex-aerospace worker with a secret past, is now unemployed and suffering from heart failure.  Sister Stephanie (Astar) does the books for her girlfriend Marlena (Shimizu)'s hair salon and holds a secret that's just bursting to come out.  Mother Polly helps with the finances by selling antique dolls on eBay.  When Bob proposes to his girlfriend Jenny and his "too cool" cousin George (Babcock) proposes a get-rich quick scheme, a series of events unfold which changes their lives forever.

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