Monday, October 15, 2012

Billy The Zompire Killer

After years of Buffy fans voicing their hopes for Andrew coming out and having more gay characters, the Buffy Powers That Be listened and got together to discuss the matter. The result is 16 year old Billy who lives with his New Age-y grandmother after being thrown out of his parents' home. Billy deals with bullies on a regular basis, trains in the gym before school starts, and has a ginormous crush on Devon. Little did Billy suspect that Devon was interested, but he is, and in more than just being a boyfriend. Devon persuades Billy that he can become the first male slayer, with Devon being his Watcher.

Buffy Season 9 issue #14 is part one of Billy's two part story, and is available now in comic shops, online sites like Comixology, and perhaps your local Barnes & Noble has copies.                                               

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